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Jones Stephens Corp

  • Wide range of plumbing specialty products, decorative items, toilet seats, copper, and HVAC products. Premier line of decorative kitchen and bath products including a distinct line of toilet seats, ranging from standard residential plastics and heavy duty commercial to high-end decorative seats.
  • Leading supplier of copper, brass, tubular, SS flex hoses and malleable fittings as well as a wide range of tools.

Heat-Flo Heating Products

  • A complete line of Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heaters, Solar Storage Tanks, Storage Tanks & Buffer Tanks

Peerless Boilers

  • The overall practicality, efficiency and versatility of a hydronic heating system is based on one key element-The Boiler. In order to build a better heating system, choose a top-quality Peerless boiler as the system's foundation.

General Wire Spring Co

  • World Leaders in Drain Cleaning Machines, Water Jets, Pipe Inspection & Leak Detection Equipment

Jomar Valve

  • Leading supplier of innovative valves and component solutions


  • Range of pumps for plumbing, hydronic, industrial, commercial, municipal, decorative water, utility & dewatering markets. Submersible sump, effluent, sewage, grinder, cutter, non-clog, dewatering, frame mounted self-priming & end-suction pumps, wet rotor circ. pumps - residential & commercial

Fisher Manufacturing

  • Commercial & Institutional Faucets in Brass & Stainless Steel, Rotary Drains, Superior Pre-Rinse Units that Ship the Same Day and meet the Latest Industry Standards


  • Maintenance Free Water Softener Alternatives For Commercial, Residential & Industrial Applications - Solving Hard Water Problems and Limescale Formation Without Chemicals or Salt.

Wai Wela

  • Quality Water Heating Products, Gas Tankless Water Heaters, Tiv Valves, Points of Use Mini Tank Electric Water Heaters. Shipping from Denver Warehouse
Next Gen

  • Engineered into one attractive plug-and-play system, it includes Stainless steel heat exchanger, Circulating pump, Expansion tank, Air vent, Safety relief valve. Easy-to-use control panel. Radiant floor heating has never been easier for the installer. Just add PEX!


  • Hydronic Radiant Heating Systems. Roth radiant heating ensures that, if wet, your floors - and shoes, towels and clothes - will dry faster, and stay dry longer; which helps to eliminate mold, mildew and pesky, unwanted odors. (WY & MT Only)

Jet-Swet by Brenelle

  • Solder Without Draining the Entire Water System In Pipes From ½" To 6" and 1½" to 6" Flo Thru

Luxe Linear Drains

  • LUXE Linear Drains provides linear and tile insert drains manufactured to achieve stylish design elements in residential and commercial projects. Our products have been used in prestigious, award-winning architectural endeavors worldwide - Denver Inventory


  • Goss offers a wide variety of torches and accessories to fit any contractors' need. High quality Oxy-Fuel, Air-Acetylene, Air-Propane, Air-Propylene ( MAP-Pro™) and Nitrogen equipment is individually tested and engineered for performance. The range also includes high quality replacement cutting, welding, and heating tips for popular torches.


  • Centralized water system delivering pre-mixed water directly to the users more efficient and faster than typical two pipe systems.

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